Sunday, September 20, 2015

Why Isn't Anyone Looking At the Palestinians? So Unfair!

The poor Palestinians - nobody is noticing their plight because of the damned Syrians and their humanitarian disaster. Do they not understand how hard it is to maintain the fiction of the Israeli genocide of Palestinians, in the face of the real thing? Do their Arab brothers in Syria / ISIS not realize that with literally millions fleeing the region for Europe, getting anyone to listen to whining about so-called Palestinian refugees or ethnic cleansing is virtually impossible? It's taken 70 years of hard work, not allowing Palestinian refugees to integrate anywhere in Arab world, and of enacting horrific racist laws to keep them poor &bitter, not to mention creating an entire UN department designed to maintain these refugees in limbo for ever,  in order to decent world sympathy, and Assad / ISIS go and ruin all that hard work by slaughtering millions of Arabs and making even more homeless Syrians and Iraqi's than there are Palestinian refugees!

Only last week the Palestinians won a glorious victory at the United Nations - a triumph in improving
human rights - they flew the flag of their totally undemocratic and deeply divided Palestinian Authority! But nobody noticed! Does the world not understand how much energy went into that fight for a flag? And yet all the media wanted to talk about was dead Arab children drifting on to Europe's beaches and slaughter in Syria. Well the glorious and triumphant Palestinian leaders weren't going to be distracted by such a small thing as a genuine human disaster occurring a few miles north of Palestinian territory where the damned Zionist live on almost 3% of their land (primarily unused hilltops..but Palestinian unused hilltops!!!), offering investment and employment where BDS don't stop them! Such suffering ignored!!!!

Palestinian waits by his rock pile to
start a spontaneous riot.
Fortunately they had a genius idea - they would follow their long and successful policy of inventing a crisis and divert the world's attention back to the only Arab people's who's suffering should matter! The Israeli's had recently shown their true evil, by preventing Palestinian women going to their legitimiate employment at Al Aqsa - harrassing Jewish visitors there, (and Christian tourists when they couldn't tell the difference)!

Palestinian leaders decided to plan some 'spontaneous' outrage and riots (it's worked before!). By desecrating their own holy site, pulling rocks out of walls and floors, and chucking them at Jews, they made sure the Israeli authorities would have to respond, and then, like children who having just murdered their parents, asked for public sympathy for being orphans, they asked the world to express outrage at evil Israelis - far worse than ISIS or Assad!!! Look away from Syria damn you!!!

But a part of the Palestinian people still felt ignored...Hamas! There they were in Gaza, working hard
preparing to start another war with Israel at some point, [which they can then blame on the Israelis] and pointedly not rebuilding civilian infrastructure so that the world would see how Israel makes Gaza suffer, not only being ignored by the media, who seem stubbornly interested in a  genuine human disaster, but also their hated brothers The Palestinian Authority, were winning great victories by flying some flag or other at the UN and by staging spontaneous, pre-planned riots on Al Aqsa . But Hamas had a plan too - they'd fire some rockets at Israeli homes (worked great in 2014!), which they did last night! Surely the world would see Israel start a new round of violence by defending itself?

Alas, despite all their best efforts, the cursed refugees again ruined everything, with thousands of them choosing to risk their lives to cross the Mediterranean to get away from the slaughterhouse that had been their homelands. Even John Kerry, clearly not the brightest bulb in the chandelier judging by his Iran-deal failure, seems to have finally noticed the Syrian humanitarian disaster.

If only those damn Israelis would behave more like good enemies should -  Behead a few thousand Palestinians; round up Palestinian women for sex slavery and rape the way ISIS do; destroy mosques, abuse Christians, turn kids into soldiers; use weapons of mass destruction... instead all they do is riot control, a few arrests, run some checkpoints to stop bombings... these Zionists are so evil! Their extremists build houses - not even an occasional suicide attack in a crowded market...damn them!

Oh well... only one thing left to do - accuse them of doing all these evils anyway, things which are actually going on in the rest of the Arab world - nobody will care about the Syrians anymore!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lets Cut The Israel Cr@p - There are Dead Children on Our Beaches !

If you take a look at the language Israel's many detractors are using even on this very day, you'll come across phrases such as "IsraHell", "Genocide", comparisons with ISIS, Nazi Germany etc. This prejudice has never been funny nor has it been about helping Palestinians, but in light of the true slaughter of the MidEast and its devastating results on the world, this language of blind hatred against Israel has become obscene.

There is an international boycott movement, which is  blatantly singling out Israelis and even non Israeli Jews, trying to make us  the pariahs of the world, blaming us  for all the ills of humanity  - Companies such as Sodastream are attacked, even though they are an inclusive company which employs Palestinians at all levels and pays them  well;
Israeli politicians are threatened with arrest when they travel overseas; Jewish students have to deal with horrible campaigns against Israel on their campuses and media finds ways to twist the most innocent or positive thing Israel does, into something they malign as racist or evil:

Israel has an inclusive approach to sexuality? "Pink Washing"; Israeli Arabs serve at every level of Israeli society? Tokenism. Israel companies employ Palestinians? Imperialism.

Its time this bigoted disgrace to  our intelligence came to an end! For G-d's sake... there are bodies of children washing up on Mediterranean beaches!! There at least two million refugees on the edge of Europe, fleeing from Israel's neighbors where a genuine hell exists, where true genocide - a real carnal house -  is taking place right now, and all the lies said about Israel are actually happening, only far worse than even Israel is accused of - But there no boycott campaigns, no student activities - nobody is pouring blood on themselves in protest on the streets of Hollywood - the israel haters are carrying on - they don't seem to care.

Many times more people are dead from the Syria / Iraq / ISIS horror than in the entire history of the Israel / Arab situation, and in just the past few weeks 10 times more Arabs have been displaced than occurred during Israel's war of independence.

I have nothing but contempt for anyone that calls Israel a terror state, israhell, etc but anyone doing it
today? Such a person is guided by hatred and bigotry, because logic dictates that anyone with an iota of humanity would not be able to look at the only democracy in the region, the only country where the 20% minority citizens have democratic rights and a place people flee toward not away from, and use such descriptions when we see what the real thing looks like.

Israel is not perfect and the Palestinian's have  legitimate issues that answers need to be found for, and genuine discussion needs to be taking place, but those that focus violent hate on Israel at this time are like a doctor treating a person's in-going toenail, while the patient bleeds out from a gun shot wound - it makes no sense and therefore it isn't guided by sense, but hatred.

Lets solve the region's real & horrific problems and maybe the answer for the Palestinians will resolve itself as part of that regional change - one thing I guarantee, anyone spouting of about Israel right now, doesn't give a damn about solutions, Palestinians or hope - they just hate Israel and we all know why.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

From Exodus to Paris: The Great Mistake of The Jew hater

Joel Egerton as Pharaoh,
 'Exodus: Gods & Kings'
The first person in history who looked at the Children of Israel & saw them as a nation was not Moses, or any other Jew – it was not even G-d Himself – it was Israel’s deadly enemy, the Pharaoh of the Exodus story. 
He said, in Exodus 1:9 -
  “וַיֹּאמֶר, אֶל-עַמּוֹ:  הִנֵּה, עַם בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל--רַב וְעָצוּם, מִמֶּנּוּ.”
“And he said unto his people: 'Behold, the people, the children of Israel are too many and too mighty for us”.

3,500 years later and it is still the enemies of the Children of Israel who, even more than the Jews themselves,  see the entire Jewish people as part of the state of Israel, regardless of where they live, or what views they hold, or even whether they are living or not (judging by the number of Jewish cemeteries that get vandalized).  This has proven in the past and will prove now to be a terrible error by our enemies.

Soon after the formation of the State of Israel in 1948, the Arab countries expelled  their
ancient Arab Jewish communities – people who could in some cases trace their residence in those place back over 2000 years, but who shared the same faith as Zionists. The vast majority of these Jews almost certainly had no intention of emigrating to Israel, but of course with nowhere to go, they came to Israel and their descendants have helped build this country.

“The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as a hoax that purports to document the “Zionist” takeover of the world – “Zionists” being any successful Jew of course. It is a worldwide Jewish plot with Israel at its heart.  Absurd yes,  but still  Protocols is a best seller in the Muslim world, with Arabic copies even  to be found on sale in London  
Israel itself has become stronger over the decades, comprehensively defeating the combined Arab armies in several wars, as well as economically, technologically and educationally outperforming the entire Middle East. The Arab and wider Islamic world has realized that they cannot defeat Israel militarily, or economically and that the little Jewish State is not going anywhere. 

With that realization, coupled with increasing catastrophes of virtually all Islamic states, their hatred has increased.
“But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were grieved because of the children of Israel.” Exodus 1:12

Modern version of the Nazi salute openly displayed in France recently
Of course opposing Israeli government policies is not per se antisemitic, but Antizionism – the delegitimization of Israel & the effort to boycott all things Israeli - is consistently  a crude cover for antisemitism, because as we have seen, the enemies of Israel make little differentiation between Israelis & non Israeli Jews – they attack Israel by attacking Jews in any country where they are citizens. As the Guardian newspaper reported in August 2014:
In the space of just one week last month… eight synagogues were attacked. One, in the Paris suburb of Sarcelles, was firebombed by a 400-strong mob. A kosher supermarket and pharmacy were smashed and looted; the crowd's chants and banners included "Death to Jews" and "Slit Jews' throats". That same weekend, in the Barbes neighborhood of the capital, stone-throwing protesters burned Israeli flags: "Israhell", read one banner.
Chants widely reported to have been heard at more than one “Anti-Israel” event in Germany, France, UK and other places this past summer included: "Jew, coward pig, come out and fight alone," and "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.”.

In a few weeks, the annual hate fest known as “Israel Apartheid Week” will once again hit American campuses, when outside agitators will invade what should be places of learning and turn them into places of division and for Jews at least, intimidation and hatred. For the enemies of Israel, all Jews are part of Zionist Israel, so you can imagine how it must feel for a Jewish teen, merely trying to walk across campus to get to class, to be confronted with their hatred, and vilification.

…back to where I started this piece – with Pharaoh:  his recognition of “Am Yisrael” – the people of Israel – and his antisemitism, lead to the Children of Israel themselves identifying as a people. So it was also 100 years ago when the Zionist movement grew as a reaction to European Jew hate, that the Jews saw their only hope of a future not as German, French or Russian Jews, but as one ancient yet new nation,  Israelis – the antisemitic vision became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Again today, the Jews of Europe are attacked for being part of the same faith as Israelis – they are waking up to the fact that again, they may have no future anywhere except as citizens of the Jewish state of Israel.

There is one final part to this analogy with The Exodus story – it was only when the Children of Israel became the People of Israel, that according to The Torah, they merited leaving Egypt to head to a life of independent Jewish living in the land of Israel, leaving their enemies crushed or weakened behind them. Perhaps the greatest mistake Pharaoh made was forcing  the Jews to become a nation – it’s the same mistake the British would make thousands of years later in the American colonies and a calamitous mistake today for the Islamic world toward the Jews. The antisemitism that we have seen across Europe spewing out of Muslim communities, has brought Jews together in Zionism in a way we would never have done had we been left alone.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In 2015 Zionism Comes Full Circle

Over the past 70 years Zionism has evolved asking itself important questions about its purpose in a world where there is a strong Jewish state with 60% of Jews already living there. What is Zionism's fundamental purpose in the 21st century?

However after the Islamic terror attacks in Paris last week, coming after several years of growing antisemitism from French Muslims, Zionism has found itself returning to its historic core purpose: the in-gathering of the Jewish people in our ancient homeland.

Over a century ago, Zionism’s founders and leaders saw the clouds of hatred gathering, and anticipated a need to create a new future for the Jews of Europe – a future where they would not be dependent on the good will of fickle governments or on a notion of “tolerance” – after all who wants to be tolerated? They saw the desperate need for an independent, strong Jewish state – a place where Jews could truly take their future into their own hands, contributing and building their lives on their own terms – they dreamed of what we have today:  Israel.

Over the past weekend the leaders of today’s Zionism, in the form of the chairman of the Jewish Agency Natan Sharansky and the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, made emotional statements that would not have seemed that out of place if said in the 1930s by David Ben Gurion – predecessor of both Sharansky and Netanayahu:

Netanyahu said yesterday “To the Jews of France I say - Israel is more than just a place you direct your prayers – Israel is your home.”, and he went on to state “Any Jew who wishes to emigrate to Israel will be received wholeheartedly and with open arms.”

Chairman Sharansky - who personally suffered the USSR's repression of Jews before escaping to become a leader in Israel - said that he anticipates more than 10,000 French Jews will make aliyah (emigrate to Israel) this year. “We’re not building our aliyah strategy on tragic events. We’re building it on the fact that there is this place in the world called Europe, where Jews are feeling increasingly uncomfortable,” he said.

There are strong parallels between the situation facing the Jews of Europe in 2015 and in 1915:
Jews went from being virtually excluded from the march of history to being propelled to the very front line of European life. Secularization and liberalism allowed Jews to operate as equals. It was this revolution that propelled the Jews from their marginal status to the central of world affairs and by the end of the 19th century, Jews were leading the way in political thinking, philosophical debate, finance, medicine, the arts and law. Jews felt they could finally build reasonable futures for their children.

The earliest Zionist thinkers – people such as Leo Pinsker, Max Nordau and even Theodore Herzl himself – did not start out believing that Jews needed to have a state of their own. These founders of modem Zionism were all products of the new secular liberal, yet nationalist European thinking, instilled with the current ideas that were sweeping across the continent, and they saw a future of Judaism in Eastern and Western Europe.

The problem stemmed from the tensions between how they perceived themselves as Europeans and Jews, and how others perceived them.  Despite their involvement and indeed assimilation into the societies they lived in, they were rejected – pogroms in Russia; Dreyfus and other injustices in France; and a dark, festering antisemitism in Germany. 

Things had seemingly never been better for Europe or Europe’s Jews and yet at the same time, the leaders of Zionism came to see that their existence was a fragile safety based on the mood of whatever government was in power. They saw no future in Europe and history would tragically prove them right. 

Jump forward to January 2015, to a Western Europe that has not seen war in 70 years. The nations are far more multicultural and are  joined in economic union. They place the highest value on individual rights and freedom of expression. Once again things have never been better for Europe and yet Europe’s Jews are again questioning whether any future for them exists in those countries:

Antisemitic graffiti regular appears in Jewish neighborhoods of London
Leave aside this past week’s horrors, the situation was already disturbing: In the UK, for Jewish children to attend faith schools involves a level of security that would not be out of place at the home of Israel’s President in Jerusalem; across Europe synagogues have to have security when services are taking place. Rabbi’s in Denmark, Finland, Germany and France have all, in recent years, warned Jews not to walk in the streets wearing kippot (skull caps); Graveyards desecrated, swastikas daubed on homes & synagogues, and several incidents of terrorism such as occurred in Toulouse and other cities aimed specifically at Jews. On a personal note, on several occasions prior to my own move to Israel in 2008, I experienced antisemitic abuse shouted from passing cars as I walked along streets in London.

Security services have admitted that what we have seen in Paris could easily happen in any major city in Europe and while the target of Islamists is western freedoms, which Israel shares,  their particular hatred for Jews is rabid.   The writing is on the wall, and the Jews of France, and no doubt all of Europe, face similar fears to the Jews of those places 100 years ago.

The difference between then and now is simple – Israel was a dream at the start of the 20th century – today it is a reality. The Jews of France have a place to go and it is ready and waiting to welcome them home.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Defining Wins & Losses in Mid East Conflicts - Assessing The Israel Gaza Summer Conflict

So weeks of conflict between Hamas's Gaza & Israel seem to be drawing to a close, at least for the short term, with a month long ceasefire in place and seemingly holding. So as we look back, people in Israel and worldwide are asking who won and who lost this war? 

Lets be totally clear - truthfully it is an obscene question because  nobody won. It is not a cliche to say that with modern urban warfare, especially in the Middle East, there are no winners. No longer do the good guys charge up the beach led by John Wayne, toward an inevitable victory, while the locals hide in their homes, emerging with big smiles on their faces to celebrate the American heroes arrival. These days innocent civilians are more often than not caught up in the fighting, and indeed in most Arab conflicts they are the target, not the regrettable "collateral" damage. So lets stop with the moronic talk about winners and losers. Instead lets see who gained the most, who met military goals, and who in the long run has been most hurt by this conflict:
Hamas held victory celebrations in Gaza after the ceasefire announcement a couple of nights ago, but is this just "Pallywood" spin? It seems that even within Hamas, they recognize they have suffered a humiliation - as their negotiator returned from Egypt today, his fellow Hamas officials greeted him by breaking his legs, so clearly they don't think Hamas won anything! Also today, when Ismail Haniyeh, Khaled Mashaal's top deputy in Gaza emerged from his bunker, he suffered an unfortunate medical emergency which we can specukate was an attack or assassination attempt by either disgruntled Hamas members or Gaza residents looking for revenge for the callous way Hamas treated the civilians they should be protecting. 

So do Hamas have anything to celebrate? Well they still exist, and are still running Gaza, at least for now - That in and of itself is a success for them  after they failed miserably to achieve any significant militarily goals: Their aim to cause huge damage to Israeli cities was derailed by the Iron Dome defense system; Their plan for an autumn terror campaign using their 'secret' tunnels from Gaza into Israeli kibbutzim and towns  to slaughter and kidnap Israeli citizens was also completely foiled by the IDF; their weapons stock was massively degraded and they lost both fighters and at the end key senior personnel. 

Hamas can legitimately say that at the end of all the weeks of Israel attempting to take out their ability to fire missiles, they did have some capability left, although how much is debatable. However, the ceasefire agreement that they made in Egypt was essentially the same one they had turned down weeks before - the sense that commentators have is that Hamas were not able to maintain their war much longer and that some people in Gaza were turning on Hamas, which is why Israel's intel seemed to improve so much over the past week. Hamas badly needed the ceasefire and that's why they agreed to terms that had been unthinkable for them not long before. In fact what Hamas agreed to was to stop and basically go back to how things were before the summer - so they achieved no military gains at a great cost to their own military and civil structure. Hamas maintain, as if it's a concession from Israel, that the Gaza border to Israel will now be open to aid, but then those borders were already open to allow aid in to Gaza even during the conflict. Nothing seems to have changed, except that the PA rather than Hamas will be in charge of the Gaza side of the border.

Politically, as the last remaining vestige of the Muslim Brotherhood with any power, Hamas have found themselves isolated from the vast majority of the Arab world - their only support coming from Qatar, and Iran & Turkey (not strictly Arab), while Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others clearly blamed them for the crisis. It is hard to tell if they are still in a power sharing PA government with Fatah, as news of an attempted coup was revealed by Israel a few days ago.

Where Hamas most certainly succeeded was in the PR war - they managed to force the international media embedded in Gaza to act as Hamas agents in their message of "Israel the child Killer", and the editors overseas ignored the obvious and broadcast verbatim these reports.  Sadly there was a ready audience ready to side with Jihadists over the Jewish democratic state, on even the flimsiest of propaganda evidence  and this was followed by an outbreak of antisemitism across Europe which was for Hamas a success. They managed to get the Muslim communities around the world to agree with their position even as the Arab world rejected them. They also found their position enhanced by an incredibly weak US president and a totally undermined UN who rather than supporting Israel in a war against Jihadists who were firing rockets at civilians, they pressured Israel to stop. While not handing them a victory, this enabled Hamas to put Israel under enough pressure to agree to  a ceasefire that leaves them in charge of Gaza. 

So can Israel and its Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu argue that they 'won' this war? Netanyahu can point to the fact that Hamas fired several thousand dangerous rockets to every part of Israel, and thanks to  a superb defense strategy, almost no damage and few deaths or injuries occurred in Israel. He could also say that the terror tunnels will now never be used against Israeli citizens, probably saving hundreds of lives. Hamas's military capability has been pushed back years by the IDF, and despite the loud anti Israel noise on Paris & London streets, Hamas has been exposed as being prepared -  happy even - to use Gazans as human shields, and to sacrifice their lives. Its use of schools and UN property to hide weapons has been demonstrated, and its manipulation of the media is now better understood. As the ISIS atrocities make the headlines worldwide, Israel has been succeeding in pointing out that fundamentally Hamas & ISIS are very much alike. This conflict has also exposed how deeply Hamas has infiltrated UNRWA and how it appears a UN agency was complicit in the Hamas policy of hiding weapons in schools and firing rockets from near these UNRWA shelters. 

All that is true, but still the Israeli public feel a disappointment with Netanyahu - they feel he had an opportunity to deal a fatal blow to Gaza and bring a level of peace that Southern Israel has not known since 2007. They point to the length of time this campaign took, the cost in lives, money and disrupted lives, and they feel he should have ignored the pressure and fought for a demilitarized Gaza. On the final day of fighting, Bibi said that he would not negotiate under fire, and then a couple of hours later announced a ceasefire while rockets fell on the South.  It is clear to all that Netanyahu and his government were surprised by Hamas's willingness to keep fighting, breaking 11 ceasefires, despite being unable to score any military successes of significance. Even after 70 years, Israel still underestimates the willingness of Arab states & organizations to allow their own people to die "for the cause" - Hamas was using civilian deaths as a weapons, and through them scored its only successes, so it carried on. 

The failure to remove Hamas, and to demilitarize Gaza, will mean that the Gazan Palestinians suffer more years of tyranny and hopelessness, and eventually the rockets will again fall on Southern Israel. In 1 or 2 years we'll be doing this again. That is indeed partly Mr. Netanyahu's failure to find a way to see this operation to it's conclusion, but it is also  a crime against humanity that the UN have encouraged and a reflection of the  incompetence of the current US president and his team. This will happen again, there is now no doubt  and there is plenty of blame to hand around. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

What Should Israel Do?

There's a huge moral difference between Hamas's four week rocket attacks on Israel + its planned terror tunnel  attacks, and Israel's response, and this difference should be blatantly obvious to anyone:
Hamas fired over 3000 rockets directly at civilian populations. Their aim was to slaughter families in their beds, children in their schools, and the sick in their hospitals. The fact that they did not succeed was entirely due to Israel's foresight in developing an effective anti missile defense - Iron Dome. There are several IDF bases near the Gaza strip, but they were not the targets of the rockets, nor the newly discovered tunnels, which all opened in purely civilian areas. Hamas wanted dead Israeli civilians - the more the better.

In contrast, Israel's response was aimed at Hamas - designed to take out fighters, leaders, weapons and infrastructure. Israel neither wanted nor was it helped by a single civilian death, in fact quite the reverse, the civilian deaths have been Hamas's only success in a campaign where they have utterly failed militarily. Hamas therefore places its weapons storage in schools, its HQ in a hospital, its rocket launchers next to UNRWA facilities and on top of apartment buildings - it wants Israel to fire back. Think about it ... it is OBVIOUS - its rockets are a failure, with 30% landing inside Gaza, the rest being taken out by Israeli technology, so why break yet another ceasefire and restart a futile war? Why waste ammunition and risk fighters? Again the answer is simple - they need Israel to fire back, they need death and destruction to manipulate world media, and through it international public opinion, into condemning Israel for the deaths of "innocent civilians".

So perhaps Israel should not fire back? This is not an option for Israel nor any sovereign nation. Thousands of rockets fired at your cities; 5,000,000  citizens in bomb shelters; 1,000,000 deeply traumatized kids, and of course eventually a rocket will land on a target full of people. If this were to happen, the government of Israel would not survive, so of course it has to fire back. It is the primary responsibility of a government, above all other things, to defend its citizens. That responsibility even outweighs the burden of trying to avoid civilian deaths in the enemy state. These are awful and sad , but the burden of protecting them lies with Hamas - a duty it has not only failed to fulfill, but has done the reverse by using them as human shields and leaving Israel no other choice but to fire back.

To those who say Israel's response is disproportionate - what does that mean? What should Israel do...nobody seems to say that? It honors ceasefires, pulls out its forces and comes under attack again - so please, we've heard the mantra of restraint for years - WHAT SHOULD ISRAEL DO ?

President Obama Adds Appeasing Terrorists to His List of Failures

A lot of American and British lives - not too mention Iraqis - were lost in the elimination of Saddam Hussein's regime & the establishment of a flimsy democratic system in that troubled, tribal country. Then the American's pulled out before Iraq had the means to protect itself, and this created a power vacuum which means that today Iraq basically no longer exists, as the ISIS Jihadists swarm out of the chaos of Syria into that vacuum. All those US & British lives given for the freedom of Iraq will count for nothing. Never mind  calling Bush & Blair criminals for the WMD's that were never found - President Obama's crime in walking away from Iraq is far, far worse. His betrayal, his failure, has let in ISIS who are committing horrors and abominations, only some of which we are hearing about - forced female genital mutilation of 100,000s of girls and the genocide of Iraq's ancient Christian community - one of the world's oldest.

So where is Sec. State Kerry? He was so very vocal over Gaza - a man who busied himself flying in to Egypt to save the day, only to irritate the Egyptians, fail with Gaza, and infuriate the Israelis, after which he left, expressing his personal hurt, never to be seen again. Kerry has not made any statements over the very real genocide in Iraq. Where is President Obama? Is he busy looking into ways the US military can assist the truly innocent civilians being obliterated by ISIS? Well they say he is considering either airstrikes or food drops..or perhaps nothing  - after all, red lines have been crossed by ISIS and we know how strongly President Obama feels about those! It was 12 months ago that he moved the US Navy into range of Syria, determined on a course to bring down Assad and end the slaughter there, but he was out maneuvered by Putin, backing down and becoming the greatest laughing stock of US weakness since Jimmy Carter's ill thought out helicopter raid to rescue the American hostages in Iran failed when the choppers crashed en route.

However when it comes to Gaza, despite the further damage already done to US standing by Kerry's incompetence, President Obama has an idea and it amounts to:
"Let appease those Hamas guys, that Nancy Pelosi & our Qatari allies say are Humanitarians"

This is the situation: currently there is a ceasefire, so desperately needed by Gazans, honored by Israel, brokered by Egypt & tacitly agreed to by Hamas. That ceasefire runs out tomorrow at 8am and Israel is quite content to continue the ceasefire while indirect talks take place in Egypt. Hamas on the other hand, are not willing to continue talking - they want to start firing again, and Obama is already beginning to prepare to blame Israel when they do. You see Hamas want the blockade of their borders & sea port to be lifted, something both Egypt and Israel are strongly against, because both sides know that this will only make the re-arming process easier and faster, which is all Hamas care about. Hamas don't give a damn about ordinary Gazans - in fact a dead Gazan is merely a weapon to attack Israel with. So Hamas won't continue the ceasefire unless Israel - and Egypt - capitulate on the blockade and President Obama is openly supporting Hamas on this demand. When they launch a rocket barrage tomorrow, it will be Israel's fault, he will say, heaping more pressure on Israel to appease the Jihadists. 

So we have a President of the United States who turned away from action of one genocidal war, ignores a new horrific genocide in Iraq, and is openly appeasing Jihadist terrorists in Gaza, against the clear & present danger they represent to the USA's only allies & ideological brethren in the MidEast, and over the objections of a rapidly stabilizing Egypt. If he gets his way it is patently obvious what will happen - The good intentions of the world community to help Gaza, will be perverted by Hamas. Instead of a building program and investment in the economy of the Strip, they'll re-arm, with some new planning twist in their blood lust for Jews. Thanks to Obama's help, they won't have to rely on smuggling tunnels from Egypt to achieve this, they'll be able to do it faster than last time using the open borders, and in 18 months, maybe sooner, this violence will happen again, and again Israel will be blamed. 

Israel imposed those border sanctions because it said Hamas was importing weapons - we've seen 3000+ rockets fired on Israel, so they has patently been vindicated. A few years ago Israel was told 
"cement is used for building, not weapons, so limiting the amount of cement that enters Gaza is collective punishment". 
Israel gave in to this pressure from the US, UN and EU and allowed cement to pass from Israel into Hamas's hands. We know now what they did with it - they built dozens of sophisticated tunnels into Israel, the plan was to slaughter Israelis on the Jewish New Year next month. Again, Israel has been shown that its concerns were 100% correct but Obama doesn't care:
"They are firing rockets because of the blockade - its about food and basic needs - collective punishment" he says. 
What he is doing is ensuring that there will be another round of this violence in the near future. Yet another abysmal decision by a President whose foreign policy failures have made the world more dangerous than at any time since the Cuba Missile Crisis ! Fortunately for the world, Obama's term ends on January 8th 2017 - unfortunately that's 900 days away and a lot of people alive today will not live to see the 45th President sworn in, entirely due to the 44th's  failure to act in the Middle East where needed, to support his allies when required and to see sense when it is obvious.