Sunday, September 20, 2015

Why Isn't Anyone Looking At the Palestinians? So Unfair!

The poor Palestinians - nobody is noticing their plight because of the damned Syrians and their humanitarian disaster. Do they not understand how hard it is to maintain the fiction of the Israeli genocide of Palestinians, in the face of the real thing? Do their Arab brothers in Syria / ISIS not realize that with literally millions fleeing the region for Europe, getting anyone to listen to whining about so-called Palestinian refugees or ethnic cleansing is virtually impossible? It's taken 70 years of hard work, not allowing Palestinian refugees to integrate anywhere in Arab world, and of enacting horrific racist laws to keep them poor &bitter, not to mention creating an entire UN department designed to maintain these refugees in limbo for ever,  in order to decent world sympathy, and Assad / ISIS go and ruin all that hard work by slaughtering millions of Arabs and making even more homeless Syrians and Iraqi's than there are Palestinian refugees!

Only last week the Palestinians won a glorious victory at the United Nations - a triumph in improving
human rights - they flew the flag of their totally undemocratic and deeply divided Palestinian Authority! But nobody noticed! Does the world not understand how much energy went into that fight for a flag? And yet all the media wanted to talk about was dead Arab children drifting on to Europe's beaches and slaughter in Syria. Well the glorious and triumphant Palestinian leaders weren't going to be distracted by such a small thing as a genuine human disaster occurring a few miles north of Palestinian territory where the damned Zionist live on almost 3% of their land (primarily unused hilltops..but Palestinian unused hilltops!!!), offering investment and employment where BDS don't stop them! Such suffering ignored!!!!

Palestinian waits by his rock pile to
start a spontaneous riot.
Fortunately they had a genius idea - they would follow their long and successful policy of inventing a crisis and divert the world's attention back to the only Arab people's who's suffering should matter! The Israeli's had recently shown their true evil, by preventing Palestinian women going to their legitimiate employment at Al Aqsa - harrassing Jewish visitors there, (and Christian tourists when they couldn't tell the difference)!

Palestinian leaders decided to plan some 'spontaneous' outrage and riots (it's worked before!). By desecrating their own holy site, pulling rocks out of walls and floors, and chucking them at Jews, they made sure the Israeli authorities would have to respond, and then, like children who having just murdered their parents, asked for public sympathy for being orphans, they asked the world to express outrage at evil Israelis - far worse than ISIS or Assad!!! Look away from Syria damn you!!!

But a part of the Palestinian people still felt ignored...Hamas! There they were in Gaza, working hard
preparing to start another war with Israel at some point, [which they can then blame on the Israelis] and pointedly not rebuilding civilian infrastructure so that the world would see how Israel makes Gaza suffer, not only being ignored by the media, who seem stubbornly interested in a  genuine human disaster, but also their hated brothers The Palestinian Authority, were winning great victories by flying some flag or other at the UN and by staging spontaneous, pre-planned riots on Al Aqsa . But Hamas had a plan too - they'd fire some rockets at Israeli homes (worked great in 2014!), which they did last night! Surely the world would see Israel start a new round of violence by defending itself?

Alas, despite all their best efforts, the cursed refugees again ruined everything, with thousands of them choosing to risk their lives to cross the Mediterranean to get away from the slaughterhouse that had been their homelands. Even John Kerry, clearly not the brightest bulb in the chandelier judging by his Iran-deal failure, seems to have finally noticed the Syrian humanitarian disaster.

If only those damn Israelis would behave more like good enemies should -  Behead a few thousand Palestinians; round up Palestinian women for sex slavery and rape the way ISIS do; destroy mosques, abuse Christians, turn kids into soldiers; use weapons of mass destruction... instead all they do is riot control, a few arrests, run some checkpoints to stop bombings... these Zionists are so evil! Their extremists build houses - not even an occasional suicide attack in a crowded market...damn them!

Oh well... only one thing left to do - accuse them of doing all these evils anyway, things which are actually going on in the rest of the Arab world - nobody will care about the Syrians anymore!

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