Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Does Israel call Obama's Offer to Iran a "Bad Deal"

The purpose of the world imposing crippling sanctions against Iran since 2006 has been very clear indeed - to end the Ayatollah's regime's efforts to develop nuclear weapons & long range delivery missiles:

  • United Nations Security Council Resolution 1696 – passed on 31 July 2006. Demanded that Iran suspend all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities and threatened sanctions.
  • United Nations Security Council Resolution 1737 – passed on 23 December 2006 in response to the proliferation risks presented by the Iranian nuclear program and, in this context, by Iran's continuing failure to meet the requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors and to comply with the provisions of Security Council resolution 1696 (2006). Made mandatory for Iran to suspend enrichment-related and reprocessing activities and cooperate with the IAEA, imposed sanctions banning the supply of nuclear-related materials and technology, and froze the assets of key individuals and companies related to the program.
  • United Nations Security Council Resolution 1747 – passed on 24 March 2007. Imposed an arms embargo and expanded the freeze on Iranian assets.
  • United Nations Security Council Resolution 1803 – passed on 3 March 2008. Extended the asset freezes and called upon states to monitor the activities of Iranian banks, inspect Iranian ships and aircraft, and to monitor the movement of individuals involved with the program through their territory.
  • United Nations Security Council Resolution 1835 – Passed in 2008.
  • United Nations Security Council Resolution 1929 – passed on 9 June 2010. Banned Iran from participating in any activities related to ballistic missiles, tightened the arms embargo, travel bans on individuals involved with the program, froze the funds and assets of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, and recommended that states inspect Iranian cargo, prohibit the servicing of Iranian vessels involved in prohibited activities, prevent the provision of financial services used for sensitive nuclear activities, closely watch Iranian individuals and entities when dealing with them, prohibit the opening of Iranian banks on their territory and prevent Iranian banks from entering into relationship with their banks if it might contribute to the nuclear program, and prevent financial institutions operating in their territory from opening offices and accounts in Iran.

  • These sanctions have finally worked - they have brought Iran very reluctantly to the negotiating table and there has never been any question what Iran would have do to see the sanctions lifted - cease Uranium enrichment, and R &D into long range ICBM's. The Iranians more new and more pragmatic president knows that Iran needs to be able to export its oil freely, and to re-enter the world economy before the pressure on the state causes it to crack. So why has the West, led by President Obama and John Kerry, proposed a deal that would not involve dismantling the 18000 centrifuges in Iran, nor access to the Military bases where ICBMs are stationed, it will not stop their enrichment to weapon grade Uranium .. its  a BAD DEAL declares Israel's Prime Minister & Frances president - worse, its allowing the success of sanctions to be turned into a failure - an appeasement of a scale we have not seen since Chamberlain returned from meeting with Hitler declaring "peace in our time" on the eve of World War two.

    Lets remember a few truths - nobody needs weapons grade uranium except for weapons of mass destruction; Iran has no need for its growing arsenal of ICBMs in order to threaten Israel as it has missiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv - the only reason it would want ICBM's would be to threaten or attack further afield: Europe & The US. Put those two capabilities together & this bad deal will leave the entire world within reach of the ayatollahs & their Jihadist terror supporting regime - Iran's terror network includes Hamas and Hezbollah, it has been implicit in terror events worldwide - this is the state Obama is appeasing - it isn't just the Israeli people he is failing, it is the people of American as well. It's a bad deal - any moron can see that! 

    Monday, November 11, 2013

    Israel's Prime Minister Makes it Clear why The Palestinians Must Recognize Israel as The Jewish State.

    Love him or hate him, nobody can deny that in English and Hebrew, Bibi Netanyahu is one of the great orators amongst world leaders. Last night I had the privilege of hearing him deliver a major speech - in English - to the General Assembly of Jewish Federations of N.America here in Jerusalem. During the speech, Bibi explained his very clear, logical reasons why recognition of Israel, not just as a state, but as a "Jewish State" must be part of any peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians:
    There is no question that Israel will recognize a future Palestine not just as a country in its own right, but as "The Palestinian state" - that is not to say that other faiths / peoples could not reside there, or even be citizens, but the culture and philosophy of the state would be enshrined within internationally agreed borders as Palestinian. The same, said Israel's Prime Minister, must be demanded of the Palestinians toward Israel. Why? Because they may recognize that a state called Israel currently exists east of the Mediterranean, but that recognition does not preclude a "one state solution" - ie Israel becomes majority Muslim Arab. They try very hard to twist and turn but never acknowledge the Jewishness of Israel -  Palestinian Authority education curriculum still talks about Palestine extending from the River to the Sea even as they sit with Israel to negotiate the borders of a potential state, and it is clear from the rhetoric on the Palestinian Authority controlled media, that any agreement with Israel, no matter how "final" the talks appear to be, is merely a stepping stone toward the goal of greater Palestine that included Haifa, Jaffa, Eilat, etc. Recognition that Israel is not only a state, but a 'Jewish state', is clear recognition that whatever border are agreed for this new Palestinian state, they will be final. Two states for two people and not - in Bibi's words - "One state for one people (Palestine) and one state for two people (Israel). 
    There are haters of Israel will read this and say "see Zionism is racism" but lets be clear what the Palestinians want - a Jew free Palestine - it is their stated policy. They will not be offering a home to any Jews who wish to remain in Judea / Samaria as Palestinian citizens as Israel did for those arabs that resisted their leaders call to leave Israel in 1948. Indeed it is Palestinian policy that makes it illegal for an arab to sell his land to  a Jew - the punishment? Death. That is racism. They want a Palestinian state for the Palestinians only. Israel is a Jewish state, but 20% of Israelis are arab, Israel has two official languages - Hebrew & Arabic and arabs are active in every aspect of Israeli society, from heading major army units, to sitting on the supreme court; running hospitals to entering parliament. Zionism is not racism - it is focused on building the Jewish state - it is PRO JEWISH, but not anti anyone. The same can not be said for Palestinian nationalism and it is long beyond time that the "Zionism is racism" mob, learn where the racism can be found.