Sunday, November 25, 2012

Announcement: I'm Appointed Jerusalem Bureau Chief for Israel New Talk Radio


Over the past few months I've been recording items on Israel current affairs for the Israel News Talk Network INTN, and it looks like I will be doing much more in the future! INTN produce high quality current affairs radio on Israel related topics, for syndication on talk radio stations across the US. Programs can also be heard directly from on the INTN website 

Please check out and 'like' INTN's Facebook page & if you feel really motivated to become an INTN partner in this high quality Hasbara project, then there's more info here.

Last week I recorded a wide ranging discussion, during the latter hours of the 'Operation Pillar of Cloud', with INTN head Michael McGuire about the situation here in Israel, much of which is still relevant, despite the fact that there is now a ceasefire in place. You can here the archive of the interview here .

For those that want to check out "J-JAM" my weekly Jewish music show which airs live every Tuesday at 7pm Israel time on Arutz7 ( ) , all the past episodes are archived here.


  1. Mozeltov!

    I want to tell you that as a Political Scientist sea change is super important. Our gentile has waned. The horn of salvation has left. It is left never. Now we have singing and dancing panhandlers and poachers in American churches. This is my work. I want ceilings and sanction on these faith based pony shows. Truthfully, Adam. There is no gentile. No horn of salvation. And hedonism is everywhere.

    Muhammad has a horn instead. He partners with Allah and wields. He should know better but the stupid Flintstone won't listen. I despise this ignorance and barbarism. We have got to take Muhammad's horn of strength away. It has been waxed.

    I just wanted you to see this dimension.

    I'm proud of you.

    Keep sea change and sea monsters in your heart at work. Do good.


    Wendy Chasteen
    Author/Political Scientist
    The Woodlands/Houston, Texas

  2. Tikkun ha Olam,

    Just passing the peace pipe Kemosabe.